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Welcome to Miceli Vineyards & Winery...

Me and PopIdaho is getting into the act!

Most people are unaware that the high desert of southwestern Idaho is unique for its climate and soil.  The Snake River Valley. our new appelation, is emerging as an undiscovered treasure for winemakers and tourists.

We are a small, family owned and operated, winery drawing on my Italian heritage.  I  guess I got my winemaking genes from my Grandpap, Francesco Miceli.  He was the inspiration for the photo on our label.  And his toast, "Cent' Anni" ("here's to 100 years --and one more") is repeated at all our meals.

Our early efforts at winemaking were a family affair. My father, Chris, pictured above, came every year to help with the crush when we lived in California.

My mother, Carmella, sat nearby in a chair to supervise. ("Aren't you going to wash those grapes?")  Other family members showed up for the crush, and again for the bottling, even after moving to Idaho. 

Chris, now deceased was the family olive maker.


Please feel free to visit the Idaho Wine Commission  for other links to the wine industry.

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